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Dec 8, 2022

As women, we really don't have the same 24 hours in a day as men now do we really?  There is an invisible load of motherhood we're carrying around and to even think of trying to incorporate movement feels exhausting even though we know it's so good for us.  You've tried all the habit hacks we talk about on the show, but you just aren't able to make your habits stick and that leads to frustration, shame, emotional eating and just wanting to take a nap.

But it's not your fault.  As women, we have to do habits differently!

Friends!  I am so excited to announce a limited free and private podcast series, ATOMIC HABITS FOR WOMEN. This has been called on my heart to give some bootcamp type of training focused on true habit strategy for women and realistic ways to create and sustain healthy habits.  In this 5 episode limited series, you'll walk away with grace for yourself and some pretty big AHA moments to help you realize that we just need to do habits differently! This is only available for a limited time to go listen!  




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