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Mar 22, 2021

Healthy is more than just the number on the scale or your pant size!  However, we get too caught up in the outside appearance instead of doing the inner work to really transform into the healthiest versions of ourselves.  Health Coach, Erica Ballard, shares the tools to help you start down your journey and focus on the process, not just the outcome.



Erica grew up her whole life thinking that the path to health was lined with HIIT workouts and low-fat smoothies. Which explains why she spent most of her 20s eating yogurt she hated and skipping sleep for 6:00am spin classes. Because she thought that was how people got healthy.

That is, until she wised up to the fact that what we've been sold was a bunch of bullsh*t. Because true health – the kind most of us seek -- is way more than food and workouts. It encompasses mindset. And stress management. And community. And so much more. Which is why Erica is now on mission to help high performing women understand this and learn how to prioritize their health and themselves.  

Erica has her MS from Tufts University School of Medicine and got her CHC through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is trained in life coaching, NLP, EFT, hypnosis Erica CBS Denver’s Health and Wellness Contributor and has been featured by Women’s Health, Lululemon, and was a regular on WTHR 13 when she lived in Indy.


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