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Self Transformed - Healthy Habits, Time Management, Working Mom, Fitness Tips, Whole30, Easy Meal Prep, Weight Loss

Jan 25, 2021

Being a working mom is hard, friends.  It's even more hard if you feel like you're stuck in a career that you weren't meant for.  No job is worth draining you mentally or physically, but I know it can be challenging to figure out what you're meant to do or be.  

Today's guest, Jacqueline Martinez, will help you to find your highest self as a working mom and feel fulfilled in the career you're meant to be in.  We also chat about self care as a working mom and how to ask for help (because even though we try to do it all, we can't do it all.) #overwhelm

Jacqueline Martinez is on a mission to transform the world of work. Having been in corporate HR for most of her career, she now spends her days consulting companies on their people and hiring processes and spends her nights Career Coaching and helping people learn more about themselves using Human Design as a helpful tool. Jacqueline hosts the From Coffee to Wine Podcast, where she interviews individuals who have helped her grow and have expanded her life. Oh no, that’s not all. Jacqueline’s true love is her family of five, who have been amazingly blended for four years. What’s the method to her madness? Lots of dance parties.


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