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Jul 13, 2020

I haven't done the best job in diversify this show and wanted to change that moving forward.  I'm starting with only hosting women of color on the podcast this month and having various discussions around racial injustice and how we can show up as allies. 

Today my guest is Tanorria Askew of Tanorria's Table.  We chat about how food brings people together and she is kind enough to share many free resources and her knowledge with us as a Diversity & Inclusion educator on the actions we can be taking right now to be anti-racist.  Also, she just makes me smile--I loved this conversation so much!

Tanorria is a passionate home cook turned Chef.  She is the proud owner of Tanorria’s Table where she works as a personal chef and tv personality. Tanorria has a keen sense of flavor and prides herself in making everything she cooks memorable.  With her cooking roots originating from Tennessee, Tanorria has fun putting a modern spin on American Comfort Food.

A 2016 contestant on MasterChef hosted by Gordon Ramsay, Tanorria walked away as the 4th best home cook in America. 

Tanorria was the champion and practitioner for Teachers Credit Union’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, leading the charge in winning the Indianapolis Mayor’s Celebration of Diversity Award.  She blended her passion for cooking and her passion for D&I to create Unity Tables.  A safe space for women of different races, cultures and backgrounds to sit around a dinner table and share their heart as a way to create unity.  Since leaving TCU, Tanorria’s has had the privilege of speaking to audiences as a Keynote speaker, Emcee, and Panelist about her significant career shift, diversity and inclusion, social justice, and the courage it takes to chase dreams.


Tanorria's FREE Anti-Racism Resources

Tickets for The Conversation Might Get Awkward 


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