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Sep 9, 2019

Let's get a little "woo" together and talk mediation as a form of self care.  

In this quickie episode, I'll share the health benefits of meditation and the benefits I have personally seen.  I'll also share ways that you can easily start meditating today (it's easier than you think and can be done anywhere!)  

*Just a reminder, all of my self care quickie episodes are brought to you by my online Whole30 courses.  If you missed out on my last group (no worries!) I am always offering private coaching and my ongoing Whole30 Anytime course.  Leading my clients through my EAT, MOVE, LOVE coaching philosophy, into food freedom and finding their own version of self care starting with food is my passion!  I can't wait to see you inside the course! 

Check out Headspace or Calm to help you get started with meditating.

Or check out TMAC's 4 part mediation that I like to do after my workouts.

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