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Apr 27, 2020

This is the first of many LIVE Self Care Coaching Calls I'll be sharing with you to give you all a behind the scenes sneak peek of working with me as a Self Care client!

My client today is Shelby...she already has some really great habits in place and it was wonderful to talk it out together.  We tweaked a couple of things that she is already doing (habit stacking) to help her start AND end her day with gratitude!  



Ready to start your Self Care journey  and stop feeling so BLAH?!?!  I get it...that’s how I used to feel until I crafted my own Self Care routine.   Head over to my website to learn more and connect with me so you can get started with my proven 3 tier Self Care system to help you feel your best.  (you can also listen back to episode 31 to learn why I'm now offering this!)


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