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Apr 13, 2020

I got to do something really cool this week for work--I had the opportunity to interview Glenn Close (the founder of our organization) & Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers and get their perspectives on self care!   

My biggest takeaway from our conversation: connection is so important right now and there is a big difference between physical distancing and total social isolation. Connection is huge part of self care (and also part of my 3 tier coaching system!) & I'll share ways you can still stay connected even during the quarantine.  

Kevin shared this article with us that I reference in the episode about the correlation between social isolation and poor health.  


Did you hear?  I'm now offering SELF CARE COACHING!  Head over to my website to learn more and connect with me so you can get started with proven 3 tier Self Care system to help you feel your best.  (you can also listen back to episode 31 to learn why I'm now offering this!)


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