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Mar 9, 2020

Everyone has a story, but authentically sharing it can be hard.  that's where my guest, Bri Dimit, comes into play. 

Bri Dimit is a Storytelling Musician and Speaker based out of Indianapolis, inspired by life experiences. She interviews individuals based on their experiences and shares those stories along with her own through her music. Taking a moment in time, a feeling, or struggle and shedding light on the strength and power in those moments is her mission.

I loved our conversation about how she goes through the creative process of writing and producing a song to tell someone's story and really how music & creativity can be a form of self care.

Our own stories and music really does connect us all.

You can find Bri Dimit’s music on any streaming or downloading music platform (i.e. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.) and connect with her on Instagram! You can also see her speak live on Wednesday March 18th at Linking Indy Women!  I'll be there!


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