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Habit Hack Your Health | Healthy Habits for Working Moms, Atomic Habits, Time Management, Fitness Tips, Easy Meal Prep

Feb 10, 2020

Do you have a morning and evening routine? Or do you just fly by the seat of your pants?  That used to be me too, but once I figured out how these habits set me up for success, they eventually became routines that I crave in order to thrive.

Today's guest is my friend and fellow Whole30 Certified Coach, Rachel Rivera.  Rachel lives in southern Connecticut with her husband & is currently coaching her clients through Whole30 while studying to become a Personal Trainer.   Rachel found the Whole30 while struggling with infertility, and she wanted to optimize her health naturally. She can relate especially to women struggling with infertility but would love to coach anyone on their journey to better health.

Rachel's journey to health involved establishing an evening and morning routine and she shares some great tips on how to craft your own AM/PM routines and the importance of them! Habits like these are the ultimate form of self care!

Check out the books Rachel recommended in the episode HERE and HERE.  And make sure to connect with Rachel on Instagram to follow along for even more amazing healthy living tips!


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