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Jan 29, 2020

You better work! -Rupaul 

I love clothes...gimme a fun jumpsuit or leopard print and I'm a happy girl!  However, I do love amazing leggings and sneakers too depending on the mood I'm in. 

You can curate your style to reflect how you're feeling and this can actually be a form of self care.  But...if you're not feeling confident in yourself, that can reflect in the way you present yourself (perhaps negatively, and that's not what any of us want.)

Today, my guest is Nicole Busch of Nicole Blair Wear.  Nicole is a Personal Brand & Style Expert and has worked with an Olympic Gold Medalist, Professional Athletes, CEO’s and was hand selected to study and work under Stacy London, of TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” (So cool!) 

Nicole's clients are always amazed at the way elevating their look  has actually empowered them to meet their goals and set the bar higher than they ever imagined! To move in the direction, you want to go, you’ve got to dress the part!

We discuss how you can match the outside to the inside and how to build confidence in yourself to work anything to reflect who you are (and some game changing style tips as well!)  Enjoy this conversation with Nicole, and make sure to follow along with her on Instagram to get even more style tips!


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