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Dec 16, 2019

I am so very honored to have my friend and fellow Whole30 Certified Coach, Vicki Singer, on the show today.  She has such a unique perspective on self care that can be applied to anyone. 

Vicki has cerebral palsy (as does my brother, which I share more about in the episode) and she shares how she chooses to focus on what she can control versus what she can't control.  Her #boringselfcare movement is so relatable, and we can all learn to appreciate what seems to be little or mundane as one of the highest forms of self care.

About Vicki: She first found the Whole30 through a friend's recommendation, and never looked back. Vicki was featured on Whole30's blog in 2016 due to the success she had with the program in managing her cerebral palsy symptoms. Since that time, she's dedicated herself to making the Whole30 community more accessible and inclusive for those who have disabilities and deal with chronic pain, illnesses or autoimmune disorders. When she's not cooking or talking about food, you can find Vicki in her Crossfit gym or singing in her local ensembles with her husband.  Follow along with Vicki on Instagram!  


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