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Nov 11, 2019

Have you ever heard the phrase, "get comfortable with being uncomfortable?" I truly felt uncomfortable this weekend while running a half marathon and I'll be sharing how I got comfortable being uncomfortable and the growth that happened and goals achieved during this journey!  This is a great metaphor for life and I'll share in this quickie episode how you can get uncomfortable in other areas of your life in order to GROW!

One way you can get uncomfortable is getting yourself to a LIVE event and meeting new people and finding COMMUNITY!  Jen Elliott and I are so excited to host our next live Love Yo'Self: The Self Care series event at SHE WOOD KNOW in Brownsburg on November 13th!  This quarter's event will be focused on how being CREATIVE can be part of your self care routine.  We'll be creating a clipboard to clip your own self care routine to, enjoy some refreshments and time with others!  Get your tickets HERE.  


*Don't forget!  Whole30 helped me find my own version of self care and I want to help you achieve that as well.  Through my EAT, MOVE, LOVE coaching philosophy I help my clients find their own version of self care starting with Whole30.  And because I love my podcast listeners, you can use the code, SELFLOVE, at checkout to receive a discount off any of my courses!

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