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Self Transformed - Healthy Habits, Time Management, Working Mom, Fitness Tips, Whole30, Easy Meal Prep, Weight Loss

Oct 11, 2021

Hustle culture is not sustainable, my friend!  I hear from so many other working moms & network marketers who listen to the show who are looking for ways to incorporate self care habits into their daily lives.  Today, I'm chatting with Michelle Castro of the Against The Grain Podcast all about avoiding burnout, comparison and taking charge of your time and self care as a working mom!  

About Michelle:

Michelle is a wife and mama to 3 beautiful girls from Los Angeles, California.  She’s the host of a podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs, Growth Against the Grain.

Michelle specializes in helping women in the network marketing space show up as the unique unicorn God made them to be…niching in to avoiding the copy/paste culture and leaning into who they are and the value they have to offer through strategy, mindset, and some healthy living for good measure. :) 

Michelle loves the network marketing / direct sales space and believes that women can grow an audacious business without looking like everyone else, being connected 24/7, while being present for those she loves most, and honor the Lord in the process!


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