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Jan 25, 2021

Being a working mom is hard, friends.  It's even more hard if you feel like you're stuck in a career that you weren't meant for.  No job is worth draining you mentally or physically, but I know it can be challenging to figure out what you're meant to do or be.  

Today's guest, Jacqueline Martinez, will help you to find...

Jan 19, 2021

We're 1/2 way into January of the New Year and you might have started off very strong with your goals and very motivated, it is likely you motivation has been fading since January 1st.  Why?  Well, because life happens!  So today I'm sharing 6 easy ways to help you stay motivated and reach your goals!



Jan 11, 2021

I've talked about the power and actual health benefits of community and communication in Episode 52, but I'm digging into this deeper this week on the show with author of "Assemble The Tribe," Leah Dean.  Community with others is SUCH a high form of self care that I know we're all craving as women.  However, I know...

Jan 4, 2021

Happy 2021!  It's a New Year and I wanted to share my top 10 personal development app's that I personally use and recommend to my clients.  Make sure to take notes and join me over in my free Facebook community to continue to conversation together!


-Let’s workout together!  I’ve launched my Virtual Group Fitness...